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Soft Tab ED Pack

Soft Tab ED Pack Soft Tab ED Pack

The Soft Tab ED Pack makes the perfect choice for men interested in trying the highly effective ED medications, but who aren't big fans of pills. Comprised of both Cialis (Generic) and Viagra (Generic) soft tabs, these two generic varieties offer easy administration and faster absorption than standard pill form.

The Soft Tab ED Pack includes:

*Viagra Soft 100mg Pills - A fast-absorbing tab containing sildenafil citrate, the active ingredient in brand-name Viagra pills.
*Cialis Soft 20mg Pills - The globally known Tadalafil-based men's sexual performance enhancer, in soft tab form.
*Choice of a combination of Viagra, Cialis and Levitra soft pills.

For easy absorption and long-lasting effect, try the Soft Tab ED Pack and see which one works best for you!


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Cialis Soft 20mg + Viagra Soft 100mg Pills (Generic)

  Quantity Our Price pack contains  
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180 N/A
  • 90 Cialis Soft 20mg Pills (Generic)
  • 90 Viagra Soft 100mg Pills (Generic)
120 N/A
  • 60 Cialis Soft 20mg Pills (Generic)
  • 60 Viagra Soft 100mg Pills (Generic)
60 N/A
  • 30 Cialis Soft 20mg Pills (Generic)
  • 30 Viagra Soft 50mg Pills (Generic)
20 N/A
  • 10 Cialis Soft 20mg Pills (Generic)
  • 10 Viagra Soft 100mg Pills (Generic)

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